About us

Black poplar and pine plywood boards manufactures in León

Since 1960 we saw and manufacture black poplar boards. It was in 1981 when we started to manufacture black poplar plywood boards and during these last years we have added the pine plywood boards to our production.

Our experience through the years and the quality of our products are our best letter of introduction.

Sustainability: Our Company is concerned about the environment and we are an example of sustainable forestry, we repopulate and plant hundreds of black poplars every year.

The black poplar is a fast-growing tree that is why we plant them near the rivers and next to our area.

Since 2008 we have the PEFC certification, which guarantees our customers that our wood comes from sustainable forests (wood, cork, resin, bark…)

The PEFC certification includes all the different transformation processes of our products, from the forest until it gets to our customers including the factory.

It is because of our industrial equipment, up-to-date technology, human effort and “Quality” –which is our objective, that we are in high-standard position.